This is a national first: our ‘ENGO’ toilet paper, an example of a circular economy, has been awarded the ‘Valeur Parc’ trademark!

In 2022, we approached Pyrénées Ariégeoise Regional Nature Park to obtain the ‘Valeurs Parc’ trademark for our 100% recycled and FSC-
certified toilet paper. Valeurs Parc Naturel Régional is a collective trademark awarded by the Parks. More than an individual claim, it
embodies the ties between companies and their region, in particular, companies that bring together professionals upstream and downstream of
production. Here in Ariège, 150 companies have been awarded it out of a total of 3,000 in France.

The story began with PAPETERIES LEON MARTIN specialising in the development of recycled and recyclable papers as well as solutions for
various sectors (e.g. packaging, textiles, or poultry farming). After designing and developing, in 2019, a unique range of coloured tissue paper in France
made solely from recycled materials – the preview presentation of which took place at the Elysée Palace during the first Made in France Exhibition –

the family-owned company decided to contribute to preserving water resources by redesigning its ‘ENGO’ toilet paper – the name of the village
where the paper mill is located – to make it the best ally of dry toilets, because water is precious and dry toilets are an alternative in our regions.
Dry toilets are a system adapted to the specifics and constraints of the mountain environment; they are also an alternative for homes located in an
area without a sewer network. What could be more logical than low-impact recycled toilet paper in a short circuit to support the water-saving nature of
dry toilets?

To achieve this objective, the material chosen comes directly from the collection of the region’s voluntary contribution kiosks, in partnership with
the Couserans Pyrénées Community of Municipalities. This paper waste mainly comes from the selective sorting from households. For its
production, our company has chosen – out of respect for the environment – not to deink the paper recovered or to use chemicals. For energy, our
company uses over 60% renewable energy and has a project underway –with the support of La Région Occitanie, ADEME, and the ERDF – to install
a biomass boiler room that will bring this rate to 100% for carbon-free production. For production waste, because there are always residual
materials in paper-making, the company chose to recover them by spreading them on local farming land.

And to go a step further, ENGO toilet paper is one-ply (where others are 2-or 3-ply), the carboard core is also made in the paper mill, its transport
packaging is recyclable cardboard and contains 60 units to enable bulk sale and avoid the use of plastic for sub-packaging. With 500 sheets per
roll, it represents 3-4 equivalent products on sale in supermarkets. This paper, in its simplest form, also contributes to the smooth running of
the composting process on which the principle of dry toilets is based. This eco-design approach, based on a subject that remains taboo, mobilised the
various resources and expertise of the mill and demonstrated that everyone, in their area of expertise, can contribute to sustainable
development and the conservation of resources.

To find out more about the Valeur PARC trademark, please visit the regional nature parks website and the Pyrénées Ariégeoises regional
nature park website.