Outstanding expertise

Whether it is the level of refining, wire tension, or drying temperature, each of our types of paper calls for a unique manufacturing technique. Paper-making is a team effort that requires expertise and cohesion.

Paper maker since 1895

Five generations of passionate paper makers

Léon Martin was the first go into paper-making, preferring untapped horizons to saturated markets, encouraging innovation with pulp staining, blending virgin and recycled fibres, and the finishing and creping of papers. The paper mill’s expertise was recognised at the Brussels International Exhibition in 1897 and 130 years later at the Made in France Exhibition at the Elysée Palace.

A unique company

We pass down our uniqueness and support our trademark: a family-owned paper mill, an independent company, an expert in custom products, a small series producer, a manufacturer of recycled coloured tissue paper, a stakeholder in the circular economy and a self-consumer of its own electricity production.

A centenary of commitment


We convert the power of water into electricity to operate the paper machine and our facilities.
This clean and local energy is inextricably linked to our company and our history.


We use recovered fibres to make our paper– without deinking–and give waste new life. This material used to be textile rags but is now pre- and post-consumer paper.


Knowledge of the paper-making, refining, drying, and winding is passed on by tutoring. This knowledge transfer helps preserve local employment.