Our technical solutions

MF papers from 18 g/m² to 30 g/m²
and crepe paper from 21 g/m² to 60 g/m²

Each sector has its own specific needs, which is why we analyse constraints and functionalities to find the best paper solution.

Paper for industry

Project scoping and tests

The scoping phase is essential to the success of the project because this is when we identify the need and define the solutions we are able to develop. We can then propose tests and ensure that the expected results are in line with the requirements.

Procurement planning

Based on the composition chosen and the delivery cycle, we can schedule orders to streamline the process and avoid immobilisation of stock. Thanks to the flexibility of our facilities and our organisation, we have high delivery rates.

Some uses

Paper for hygiene

The health sector

We only make toilet paper from recycled fibres, without bleaching or deinking. The one-ply sheet is embossed.

The medical sector

Our examination sheet is used to protect the examination bed by healthcare professionals and wellness professionals. It is tear-resistant.

Poultry industry

Consumer concerns have changed dramatically and farmers’ requirements have also changed. That’s why we tailor sustainable chick papers for them.

Some uses