General terms and conditions of sale


Any order implies the unconditional acceptance of these general conditions of sale, unless special conditions have been granted in writing to
the purchaser by our company. The latter conditions supersede any general purchase terms and conditions or any other specific document originating
from the purchaser, intermediary, or other, except with the prior express agreement of our company. Any document other than these general conditions
of sale, including catalogues, brochures, advertisements, or notices, are merely informative and indicative, and do not have the force of a contract.

Acceptance of orders.

Orders placed directly by the purchaser or forwarded by our agents or representatives shall only be binding on our company when
they have been confirmed by a RECEIPT OF ORDER sent by our company to the purchaser in writing (understood to include fax or email). Only this
RECEIPT OF ORDER commits our company in regard to the purchaser and forms the basis and origin of the delivery contract. The order will be considered
as irrevocable on the purchaser in the absence of a request for change lodged by him in writing, including by fax or email, received at our company at the
latest within FIVE working days of the dispatch date of our RECEIPT OF ORDER. No change to the order may be made without the consent of our
company. In the event of any change accepted, our company will be freed from the deadlines agreed for its fulfilment.

Sale price.

Our prices are quoted excluding taxes, at the current price on the day of delivery.

Suspension of Orders.

All orders we accept for fulfilment are fulfilled, provided that the client offers sufficient financial guarantees, and that he
completes payment of the amounts due on payment date. Furthermore, if our company has serious or particular reasons to suspect that the client has
payment difficulties on the date of the order or subsequent thereto, or if the client does not present the same guarantees at the date of acceptance of
the order, our company may make continued fulfilment of the order subject to cash payment or furnishing by the purchaser of guarantees in favour of
our company. Otherwise, our company may refuse to honour the order(s) placed and to deliver the goods in question, and the purchaser will be unable
to argue wrongful refusal to sell, or claim any compensation.


The delivery times specified in our confirmations are for indicative purposes only, as they depend mainly on the availability of carriers and on
the sequence in which orders arrive. Our company strives to meet the delivery times it indicates on the RECEIPT OF ORDER, depending on the logistics
timeframe usual in the industry, except in cases of force majeure or in the event of circumstances beyond its control, such as, but not limited to, strikes,
ice, fire, storm, flood, epidemic, supply difficulties, lack of raw materials and other essential supplies, or breakdowns of motor- powered production or
supply machine facilities. Any possible delays may not give rise to any penalty or compensation, or be used as the reason for the cancellation of the
order. The place of delivery is the premises of the purchaser, or any other recipient expressly designated by the purchaser at the time of placing the
order. Delivery can only be made if the purchaser has met his obligations to the company, regardless of the object thereof. For any difference in weight,
dimensions, and/or count compared with the RECEIPT OF ORDER the tolerances generally accepted under the conditions of sale of the EC Paper and
Board Manufacturers will be used as a basis.

Transportation/Transfer of risk.

Deliveries are made carriage paid or carriage forward. Goods are at the risk of the recipient once they have been
delivered to the carrier or once they have left our warehouse. In the event of shortage or damage to goods delivered, it is for the recipient to lodge all
necessary reservations with the carrier. Any product on which reservations have not been lodged by certified letter with confirmation of receipt within
THREE working days after its receipt from the carrier, and of which a copy must be sent simultaneously to our company, will be considered accepted by
the recipient. It is for the recipient to provide any proof as to the existence of the defects or shortages reported. No return of goods can be made without
the prior express written consent of our company, obtained including by fax or email. The claim made by the recipient does not suspend the payment by
the purchaser for the goods concerned. The responsibility of our company can in no way be affected by incidents relating to transport, destruction,
damage, loss or theft, even if the company has chosen the carrier.

Payment Terms.

Our invoices are payable at the head office of our company. Unless special conditions exist, our terms of payment are set at 45 days end
of month from the date of invoice. Any amount not paid when due entails the payment of a surcharge for late payment interest calculated on the gross
amount, from the original due date, at a rate equal to 3 times the legal interest rate in force on the delivery date (Act No. 2008-776 of 4 August 2008)
plus a flat rate for recovery costs of € 40 (Art. D.441-5 of the Commercial Code). In addition, our company reserves the right to apply to the competent
court in order for the latter to put an end to this breach and, if necessary, to impose a daily penalty payment per day of delay. Non-payment, partial or
total, of an invoice by its due date will furthermore automatically result in the entire outstanding balance becoming immediately payable and in the
suspension of deliveries. In the case of advance payment within 15 days maximum from the date of invoice, a discount of 0.50% will be granted on a net
of tax basis per whole month.

Retention of title.

We retain full ownership of the goods sold until full payment of the sum invoiced. Failure to pay any invoice or drafts on due date will
give us the right, recognised by the purchaser, to reclaim the goods sold without further formality (Act No. 80.335/1980).


Any special conditions that may be established to amend or supplement these general conditions may not be disclosed to third parties
for any reason whatsoever.

Termination clause.

In the event of a breach of obligations by the purchaser, this contract, and/or the special conditions, will be terminated
automatically in benefit of the seller without prejudice to any damages that might be claimed from the defaulting purchaser. Such termination shall take
effect 30 days after the sending of a formal demand has proved unsuccessful.


Any claim occurring in a period greater than 30 days after the date of receipt shall be null and void. We can in no way be held responsible for
erroneous use or that inconsistent with the purposes of our products.


For any disputes of any nature whatsoever, the courts in the area of jurisdiction for our company’s registered offices will be the only ones
competent, even if there are multiple defendants. In the event of legal action or any other action taken by our company to collect debts, the amount due
will be increased by a flat rate of 15% with a minimum of € 30 to cover the costs of litigation management, in addition to the costs of legal notices, court,
lawyer’s and bailiff’s fees, and any additional costs related to or arising from failure by the client to comply of these general conditions of sale.


The fact that our company does not at a given time make use of any provision hereof shall not constitute a waiver to take advantage of these
same provisions at a later date.

Miscellaneous provisions.

By placing an order with us involving the reproduction of logos, graphics, and photos, the client guarantees to hold the copyrights and intellectual property rights and/or be responsible for any claims from third parties. Reproduction with the requested graphic guidelines requires a proof that must be validated by the client. The approved sample by the proof serves as a reference for validating the conformity of the delivered products, as our company is bound by an obligation of means. We strive to match the requested shades as closely as possible, and minor variations in tone do not warrant a rejection of the merchandise

Data privacy

All personal data concerning you that we have collected will be treated with the strictest confidentiality, in accordance with the provisions of our personal data protection policy. During your orders, we only ask for essential information to ensure the quality of our services and the processing of your order.